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...The city on the water

Who does not know of Venice and its canals? A gondola ride through the historical center in this magical city, passing under the Bridge of Sighs, is a must for visitors.

Venice has inestimable artistic and cultural value, which makes it extremely difficult to suggest what to see. Surely a good place to start is from St Mark's Square, which takes its name from the Basilica of St Mark there, decorated with gold and colorful mosaics that relate the town’s history.

Next to the church is the Doge’s Palace, opposite St Mark’s bell tower, from the top of which you can get a breathtaking view of the lagoon and the city.

In the lagoon lie three islands popular with tourists - MuranoBurano and Torcello.

One of the most famous events in Venice is Carnevale. On this occasion (usually in February) the city fills with masked revelers and the atmosphere is one of joyful fun.