Regia Rosetta Royal Rooms



"Festival of the Love Knots": held on the third Tuesday in June, a Guinness World Record event that involves hundreds of tables set up on the Visconti bridge (2100 feet long) where the famous tortellini of Valeggio are served to 4000 paying guests.

"Antiques Market": held on the fourth Sunday of every month since 1994 in the central Piazza Carlo Alberto, where more than 100 merchants sell their ware: a variety of curios, antique furniture, old prints, carpets, coins, books, porcelain and more.

"Summer Film Festival": under the direction of the local Pro loco association, it is held every Wednesday evening from the end of June till the end of August in the Scaliger Castle; a selection of films from the past season are shown.

"Old Valeggio Fair": held on the first weekend in July, under the direction of the Pro loco association, it is dedicated to St Peter and there is ballroom dancing, a palio contest between nearby villages (on Monday evening), local crafts and agricultural exhibits and food booths.

"Valeggio Futura": a literary competition held during the various events.

"Tortellini and More": a wine and food tour around the surrounding areas of Valeggio and south of Lake Garda. Over three days this tour offers the occasion to learn about and taste the exquisite products that are typically on the tables in Valeggio: from the traditional tortellini - mainly those stuffed with meat, to the 'torta delle rose' - a 'rose' cake, to the typical Valeggio sweet, to local peaches. A wine tasting experience with DOC wines - "Custoza White" and "Bardolino Red" - complete the wine and food tour, made possible through the collaboration of local bakers, restaurants, wine cellars, pastry shops and others involved in the food and wine business..