Regia Rosetta Royal Rooms

Parks and water parks

...And now...let’s have fun!

It will be easy to make the children’s wishes an integral part of your holiday, thanks to the numerous theme and water parks in the area!

Parco del Mincio - A very large park that extends from Lake Garda to the shores of the River Po, covering 37 acres. It is travelable on foot or by bicycle and is truly a point of reference for the Veronese. (The Maison Resola Guest House is located within the park boundaries).

Cavour water park - The greenest water park in Italy is located in Valeggio sul Mincio just 2 km from the guest house. You can spend an enjoyable day playing or relaxing. There are swimming pools, water slides and other attractions, and shady restaurants and cafés where you can spend a day in the sun or under the shade trees and on the green lawns that characterize the park. (2 km away).

Gardaland - The largest theme park in Italy has attractions for the young and not-so-young alike; there are not only rides but shows and street entertainment and theme restaurants, all animated by the imaginary characters that children love. (10 km away).

Parco Natura Viva - a drive-through 'safari' park where animals - also in danger of extinction - live in a natural habitat. Visitors in their cars are safe and protected. There is also a walk-through area with interesting animals; there are also restaurants here. (15 km away).

Aquardens - heated, natural spring pools and gardens located in the heart of the Valpolicella area, where a relaxing day is guaranteed. (30 km).

Terme di Sirmione Spa - Sirmione, on the south end of the lake, is known for being one of the most important natural hot springs and sulphur springs in Italy. It has two hot spring centres and a wellness center. The hot springs originate on Mt Baldo at an altitude of 2400 feet and run underground at a level of 6300 feet below sea level, where it is enriched with minerals and where its temperature rises to 160° F; it is known to be healthy and therapeutic. (a 25 km).