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...a very poetic town

Mantua seems to be a town suspended between heaven and earth due to its dreamy and melancholy beauty, whose views sometimes seem surreal as if they wanted to donate to us a fragment of myth and eternity.

The town has artificial lakes on three sides that served as a defense measure in ancient times (known as Superior, Middle Lake and Inferior). Mantua, a municipality included in the Park of the River Mincio seems to have been magically born from the waters that legend narrates are tears of the profetess Manto.

You cannot leave Mantua without visiting the Duke’s Palace, the historical residence of the Gonzaga family in the 1300s and Palazzo Te, now a venue for important permanent collections and traveling exhibits.

A few miles from Mantua you can visit the Ferrari of Maranello Museum, where historical models of Ferrari cars are on display along with the latest Gran Prix racing technology.