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Garda lake

...Lake sweet lake

The world renowned Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, is easily accessible from all the towns mentioned herein.

The lake is a sought after tourist destination and is particularly popular in the summer. There are many characteristic towns along its banks.

In the XX canticle of Dante’s Inferno, he remembers "Peschiera sits as a fortress fair and strong"
Over the centuries Peschiera, on the south end of the lake, was a Roman fort, a Scaliger castle and rock, a ramparted fortress during the Venetian Republic in the 1500s, a fort under Napoleon, and a fortress under the Austrian Hapsburgs as part of the legendary Quadrilateral.

Malcesine, on the Veronese side at the north end of the lake, is quite characteristic and is known as 'the pearl of the lake'. One of its particular features is the way it’s built on the side of Mt Baldo from the heights down to the water’s edge. The beautiful castle is built on a cliff in the village itself.

Sirmione’s old part of town is built on a long peninsula that extends out into the southern shore of the lake. It is a tourist resort for its beauty as well as for its hot spring spas. A short drive away is the Vittoriale, which is worth visiting. It is the prestigious architectural complex built by the author Gabriele d’Annunzio between 1921 and 1938.