Regia Rosetta Royal Rooms

The art of Amodio

Our 5 rooms are not numbered but have names of women, and each room contains a painting of a woman by the artist Maestro Antonio Amodio. 

Antonio Amodio: a profile

Antonio Amodio was born in Verona in 1972. Precocious and eclectic, he began to show his artistic talent at the age of fourteen, dedicating his first studies to sculpting and base relief works.
A wood and stone sculptor, he was a pupil of Giovanni Massagrande, from whom he learned the arts of intaglio and sculpture. Soon his curiosity and artistic sense led him to approach the world of painting. He studied the art of linear sketching, simple and clean, and is able to represent, with just a few colors, the many facets of the human soul.
Fundamental to Amodio's career was the encounter with the sculptor Giacomo Manzù.
In the studio of this renowned Roman artist, Amodio's art acquired a new immediacy and freedom of expression, even stronger and more intense. It is during this period that Antonio gave vent to his creativity in the field of lost wax casting, an ancient technique that has allowed him to create works displayed in public and private collections.
The artist, fascinated by great European cities like Madrid, Lisbon, Istanbul, Vienna, and Venice, used them as some of his most cherished subjects...notes of unforgettable trips.
In 1995, the artist made another important encounter with the Venetian painter and sculptor Xavier Barbaro, with whom Antonio established a relationship of friendship and cooperation. Amodio's drawings and sculptures are in numerous public and private collections, from the Vatican City to the Italian Senate, in America and in Russia.